Since 1969 creativity and more...

Founded in 1969, the partners of NEW ITALIAN ART have a family tradition that goes back to the beginning of the last century.
With a reputation that goes far beyond the borders of Italy, the firm has always been at the forefront in the creation of high fashion jewellery.
Over the past 40 years, the company’s creations have been closely attuned to changing trends, while conserving their distinctive identity and style.

In this age of mass production, NEW ITALIAN ART gives preference to perfection and accuracy of the details as in the past, also with the support of latest technologies.
The craftsmen of NEW ITALIAN ART can avail techniques and methods and interpreting them with modernity.
From the idea of the design, to the developing of the model, the company’s philosophy is to provide high quality. A team that operates in a highly creative environment ensures a qualified production. Major commercial advantage of the company is to offer unique and exclusive collections for its customers.

The production of NEW ITALIAN ART is not limited to jewellery: glasses with elements of gold and precious stones, pendulette and various objects can be customized as required.
All with the same touch of sophistication that has pointed out the company throughout the world.
An ancient “palazzo” in Valenza welcomes since 1987 NEW ITALIAN ART. The sales and administrative offices, and extensive laboratory have found so, their proper and prestigious location.
NEW ITALIAN ART today is a world famous brand, presented in the best jewellery stores worldwide.